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Somali president’s son to face justice in Turkey

ISTANBUL (SD) -The son of the president of Somalia will return to Turkey in the coming days to face a trial related to an accident on a road in Istanbul, the Minister of Justice of Turkey said today.

Yunus Emre Gocer, a 38-year-old motorcyclist, was hit by a car driven by Mohamed Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the son of the President of Somalia.

Yunus passed away in the hospital six days after the incident, which happened on December 6.

Turkish authorities have ordered the arrest of the President’s son, and they have prohibited him from leaving the country. However, Mohamed left Turkey before the arrest warrant.

On Tuesday, the President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud, informed the Associated Press that his 40-year-old son did not flee Turkey and that he urged him to return and face the court.

Mohamed Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud, a doctor by profession, surrendered himself to the authorities, and he was in Istanbul for several days after the incident said the president. President Hassan also extended condolences to Yunus’s family.

Turkey has had close ties with Somalia since 2011 when then-Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is now the President, visited the country, expressing support during a challenging period marked by a severe famine. Turkey has since provided humanitarian aid, built infrastructure, and trained military and police personnel in Somalia.

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