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Joint operation targets AS in Mudug

MUDUG (SD) -Reports from Mudug region indicate that the village of Baraag Cali Gaduud, located 31 km south of the district of Xarar-dheere in southern Mudug, has been the target of an operation by the Somali National Army against Al-Shabaab militants.

The joint operation involved the Somali National Army and international partners, resulting in significant damage inflicted on Al-Shabaab. The forces targeted and destroyed vehicles used by Al-Shabaab militants during the operation.

According to military sources, the operation led to the capture of two Al-Shabaab members, and two vehicles belonging to the group were destroyed. The Somali National Army stated that the operation aimed to neutralize Al-Shabaab threats and maintain security in the region.

The recent military efforts in Baraag Cali Gaduud followed the discovery of Al-Shabaab activities and the presence of militants in the area. This operation is part of the broader counter-terrorism strategy in the Galmudug region to eradicate Al-Shabaab’s influence and enhance overall security.

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