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Somali Prime Minister replaces Foreign Minister Awad amid controversy

Mogadishu (SD) – Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has appointed Mohamed Abdirizak Mohamud as Somalia’s new foreign minister, replacing Ahmed Isse Awad.

Somali Government Information Minister Osman Dubbe recently announced the appointment of new Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdirizak and the removal of Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad.

He also said that a decree issued by President Farmajo named Ahmed Isse Awad as Ambassador to an unnamed country.

The new Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Abdirizak was one of the presidential candidates in the 2017 election, and also served as President Farmajo’s Electoral Adviser.

Awad Ahmed dismissal comes after last night the Minister’s contradiction of the Ministry’s Twitter statement on the situation in Ethiopia and Somalia’s concerns, calling for an end to Ethiopia’s civil war, However, the statement was later removed, and Awad denied the existence of the letter.

Diplomatic sources allege that the Somali statement which called for peace talks offended the Ethiopian government.

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