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Somali prisons boss accuses ex-president’s guards of attacking checkpoint

MOGADISHU (SD) – Chief of Somalia’s custodial corps, General Mahad Adan has defended his forces saying the soldiers guarding former president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud opened fire at a checkpoint manned by prison guards.

However, the incident didn’t cause any casualty as the former President directed his convoy not to fire back and proceeded with his journey.

General Adan told journalists his forces were acting in self-defence and warned against ‘intimidation of my forces’.

According to Adan, security forces escorting the former president refused to stop at a checkpoint and fired at the custodial corps.

Somalia’s Justice Minister, Abdiqadir Mohamed apologized for yesterday’s incident. The minister expressed their regret over the shooting.

Senior opposition lawmaker Abdirisack Mohamed yesterday demanded an investigation and action against the shooting terming it ‘an attempted assassination’.

Opposition accused President Mohamed Farmaajo of attempting to assassinate his predecessor.

Last February, Somali government forces allegedly stormed a hotel in downtown Mogadishu where the former president alongside his predecessor Sharif Sheikh Ahmed was staying.

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