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Somali Social Media is having a field day with Mohamed Omar Arte’s Visit to Hargeisa

Hargeisa (SD) – Somali Social Media Users have been posting and discussing extensively in the last 24 hours Reports that Mohamed Omar Arte Qalib, former Somalia deputy PM, is visiting Hargeisa.

Mohamed is currently a Member of the Somali Federal Parliament, representing Somaliland, a role deemed illegal in Somaliland.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Omar Arte Qalib is reportedly in Hargeisa visiting his sick father.

Previously, politicians and other individuals who believe in greater Somalia, have been denied visitations to their dying parents.

Notably, Naima Qorane, a greater Somalia advocate, was sentenced to three years in prison by the Hargeisa regional court in 2018, for coming from Mogadishu to visit her sick dad.

Critics of the Bihi government say the reason for the hypocrisy is rooted in Mr. Arte’s tribal affiliation to the president.

Political insiders are also wondering why the countries opposition, who normally weigh in on these matters are quite and complacent on Arte’s visit.

Sources close to Arte told, that MP Mohamed is still in Mogadishu planning to come Hargeisa but is yet to get a greenlight from president Bihi.

However, if it is true that MP Mohamed Omar Carte is in Hargeisa, Mr. Bihi’s government is required to adequately prove that the former Somalia deputy PM sought forgiveness and or if he is in the country Illegally, to take appropriate actions.

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