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Somali Soldier hurls a grenade at his Family’s home

Mogadishu (SD) – Reports from Warta Nabada district in Mogadishu confirm that a Somali government soldier killed several members of his family there last night.

The soldier, who was said to be drunk at the time, hurled a grenade at his family home last night, killing several members of his family at the scene.

The blast thrown to the family’s home killed six people, including the soldier’s mother, siblings and son, and wounding several others in the family.

The soldier was reportedly wounded in the attack as well, and is being held by Somali security forces.

Al-Jazeera Hospital in Mogadishu is treating some of the wounded in the grenade attack that killed several members of his family last night.

The tragedy is the single most talked about news item in Mogadishu, with experts blaming Somali government’s recruiting process.

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