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Somali union of candidates convene in Mogadishu again

Mogadishu (SD) – The Union of Somali Presidential Candidates met again today at the Jazira Hotel in Mogadishu.

The meeting reportedly addressed the latest developments in the country, while some candidates reported on other private meetings they had with some of the country’s leaders, including the presidents of regional administrations and members of the Somali Parliament.

Reports also say that the conference is a prelude to a series of meetings in which candidates are stepping up their efforts to hold free and fair elections on time.

Last week, the Union of Candidates issued a press statement calling for the Federal Government to disband the Electoral Commission and for the resignation of the Chief of Security.

Candidates have also warned that if the government insists on holding faulty elections, they will create an electoral system to save the country.

It is unclear what steps the candidates will take next, as the federal government insists on following the timeline and the agreed upon elections.

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