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Somalia: Al Shabaab attacks ATMIS base in Lower Shabelle

Mogadishu June 01, 2023 (SD) – Al Shabaab militants carried out an attack yesterday targeting the African Union Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) forces stationed in the Qoryooley district of Lower Shabelle region.

Local residents reported that yesterday’s attack involved heavy gunfire and explosions between Al Shabaab militants and ATMIS troops, the attack could be heard around all the neighborhoods in Qoryooley.

Furthermore, AMISOM forces responded to the attack with artillery fire and other heavy weaponry, engaging in a fierce battle with Al Shabaab fighters.

The extent of the casualties caused by yesterday’s attack in Qoryooley, between Al Shabaab and ATMIS forces, is not yet known.

Recently, Al Shabaab launched a deadly attack with a series of coordinated bombings against ATMIS forces, particularly those from Uganda stationed in Buulamareer, resulting in significant damage and casualties.

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