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Somalia: Al Shabaab kicked out of Harardhere

Harardhere January 16, 2023 (SD) – According to a recent report, Somali commandos, specifically the Danab and Gorgor units, with the support of local forces, have entered the town of Xarardheere.

The elite forces are said to have entered the town from four different directions and are currently conducting mine clearance and security operations.

The Somali Minister of Defense has confirmed that government and local forces have taken control of the town.

This operation marks a significant victory for Galmudug in the fight against Al-Shabaab and it is the first town to be fully freed from the group’s control.

And in a related news, the Somali military has announced that they killed many fighters from the Al Shabaab group who were planning to launch a surprise attack on government and AMISOM military bases.

The operation, which was conducted in partnership with AMISOM forces, took place in the Danow area of Lower Shabelle region and resulted in the deaths of 23 Al Shabaab fighters.

The military also reported that they had seized weapons and equipment from the group. The military commanders stated that they will continue to conduct operations against Al Shabaab.

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