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Somalia: AMIS shells civilians in Barawe

May 29, 2023 (SD) – News coming from the city of Barawe, the capital of the Southwestern Administration in Somalia, indicates that ATMIS forces have shelled a raid in the Mudul Barawe area located near the outskirts of the city.

According to reports ATMIS forces, particularly those from Uganda, shelled suspected Al-Shabaab members thought to be hiding in Mudul Barawe and other forces in surrounding areas to ensure the elimination of these forces.

However, the casualties resulting from the ATMIS shelling in Mudul Barawe are reported to be six civilians from the same family, while two other people sustained serious injuries. Among the deceased, there were children.

Abdulkadir Khaldaan, the commander of the Barawe District Police, confirmed to local media that the casualties included civilians killed by the Ugandan forces.

ATMIS forces are also reported to have shelled Buulo mareer area of Lower Shabelle region, where Al Shabaab recently attacked and killed a number of ATMIS soldiers in that region.

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