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SSC Traditional Elders reach Mogadisho

Mogadishu May 28, 2023 (SD) – A delegation representing the traditional leaders of the SSC regions arrived in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

The delegation from the SSC regions includes Garaad Jama Garaad Ismail, Ugaas Mahamoud Ugaas Abdillahi, Garaad Abrisak Garaad Sofe, Garaad Abdisalam Xasan Mohamed, and Sultan Mustafa Mahamoud Awseed.

The members of the SSC delegation were received at Aden Adde Airport by government officials, including the Minister of Interior of Somalia, Ahmed Maclin Fiqi, the Deputy Speaker of the Federal Parliament, Abdilahi Timocade, and members of both houses and various segments of society.

According to reports, the purpose of the SSC delegation’s visit to Mogadishu is to seek international support and assistance for their regions, particularly in addressing the situation in the Sool, Sanaag, and Cayn regions, which are under the jurisdiction of the SSC committee.

The delegation will stay in Mogadishu for a certain period and is expected to hold various meetings with the country’s top leaders, to find a solution to the current situation in the city of Laascaanood, the capital of Sool region.

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