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Somalia and Djibouti have no diplomatic tiff – Somali FM

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somali government has confirmed that its diplomatic relations with its neighbouring Djibouti has not been dented after horn of Africa nation scolded the tiny nation over IGAD report last February.

Foreign Affairs Minister Abdirizak Mohamed said Somalia still maintains good relations with Djibouti but said it had registered its protests over the February report.

“For Djibouti, we are two brotherly countries and we are all Somalis, so there is nothing wrong with our diplomatic relations,” said Mohamed. “Somalia attended the inauguration of President Ismail Omar Guelleh.”

The diplomatic ties between Somali and Djibouti had hit the bottom after a report prepared by IGAD team chaired by Djibouti exonerated Kenya of violation of Somalia’s territorial integrity.

The ream was investigating allegations by Somalia that Kenya supporting armed fighters who engaged Somali forces, a claim dismissed by Kenya.

The report by IGAD, an eight-country trade bloc in Africa comprising governments from the Horn of Africa, Nile Valley and the African Great Lakes, said a team that investigated the issue found that Kenya was not arming militants to attack and destabilize areas in Somalia along their shared border.

Both countries traded accusation with Djibouti’s president Ismail Omar Guelleh the current chair of IGAD dispelling his country siding with Kenya.

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