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Somalia and Djibouti’s Baladweyne Flood aid never arrived, Somaliland’s did

Baladweyne (SD) – The Beledweyne flood relief committee says that the Djibouti and Somali federal government didn’t provide their donated funds pledged last year, but Somaliland did.

Mashruuc biyo xireen ah oo laga dhagax dhigay Magaalada Beledweyne ...

“We have so far utilized $400,000 of Somaliland’s donated $600,000 and $150 of Beledweyne’s own donation. The Federal Government of Somalia and Djibouti failed to provide their pledged donation to Beledweyne last year. ” said Beledweyne Emergency Committee Chairman Haji Osman Dhagahow told VOA.

The Somali federal government pledged $ 500,000 last year to Beledweyne’s flood victims.

The city is currently feeling threatened by other floods, and the commission said the government only brought sacks filled with sand.

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