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Somalia and Norway discuss talks with Somaliland

Mogadishu April 26, 2023 (SD) – The official representative of the President of Somalia for Somaliland Affairs, Mr. Abdikarim Hussein Guled, met today with Norway’s Special Representative to Somalia, Ms. Heidi Johansen, to discuss the best way forward for resolving the Somaliland issue.

Mr. Guled provided the Norwegian envoy with a briefing on how the Federal Government of Somalia intends to approach the resumption and intensification of talks with Somaliland, emphasizing that all matters related to Somaliland will be considered.

Ms. Johansen emphasized that Norway is committed to supporting Somalia and will work to facilitate a fruitful dialogue between the Federal Government of Somalia and Somaliland.

The Norwegian government has provided significant support for the Somalia-Somaliland talks and continues to encourage dialogue between the two sides.

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