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Somalia: ATMIS Troops failed to fight Al Shabaab

Mogadishu July 19, 2023 (SD) – The National Security Advisor of Somalia’s president, Hussein Moalin Mahamoud, said the Somali government is not receiving the necessary support in the fight against Al-Shabaab from ATMIS.

Hussein Moalin Mahamoud stated that the strategy of changing AMISOM’s operations to ATMIS was aimed at conducting successful offensive operations against Al-Shabaab. However, he claimed that did not happen.

The National Security Advisor further accused the African Union troops of retreating and leaving the fight against Al-Shabaab halfway, particularly in the regions controlled by Hirshabelle and Galmudug.

“Starting from April 2022, the conditions of ATMIS were to conduct offensive warfare. Unfortunately, this issue has not been implemented. It is unfortunate, but the Somali government has worked tirelessly, even with limited support from ATMIS,” said the National Security Advisor of the President of Somalia.

Hussein Moalin Mahamoud explained that the reason for the Somali Government went into an agreement with the IGAD regional governments is that they are required to be visible, meaning that ATMIS was not.

He further stated that ATMIS claimed they lacked modern weapons. Finally, he mentioned the government’s plan is to ensure that ATMIS secures security in the areas where the government is located.

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