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Somalia: Blast targets Puntland security minister

Qandala (SD) – A landmine blast targeted a convoy of vehicles carrying Puntland’s security minister, Abdisamad Mohamed Gallan, and other officials during a patrol.

Minister Galan, accompanied by the commander of Puntland’s Darwiish forces Gen. Yasin omar Dheere and other officials, was inspecting the Balli-dhidin area of Qandala district at the time of the explosion.

The security minister and his entourage escaped unhurt, killing one of their bodyguards and wounding two others.

Puntland Security Minister Abdisamad Mohamed Gallan said Puntland security forces were conducting operations against ISIS, and pointed out that the attack was suspected to be carried out by ISIS.

No group has so far claimed responsibility for the blast, which targeted a convoy of Puntland officials.

Puntland authorities are battling ISIS and Al Shabaab militants in the mountainous region, government forces often attack areas controlled by the militants.

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