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Somalia charges foreigners and prominent Somalis

Mogadishu (SD) – Banadir regional court has issued a statement summoning six defendants, mostly foreigners, they are accused of spying and disseminating national security information.

The accused, Matt Bryden, Kheyre Abdirahman Rage, Rashid Abdi, Emmanuel Deisser, Robison Colin and David Hopkins have been informed to appear before the Benadir Regional Court, and have violated the country’s laws, according to the statement.

“The Benadir Regional Court orders the accused to appear in court on Saturday 29-05-2021 and to defend themselves against the charges.“ the statement from the Benadir Regional Court said.

Four of the men are foreigner nationals, while the other two are Somali citizens.

The accused include Mitt Bryden, director of the already banned Sahan Research Institute, and once served as the co-ordinator of the Monitoring Group on the arms embargo on Somalia and Eritrea.

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