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Somalia: Convicted Militants executed

Mogadishu October 26, 2022 (SD) – Somalia’s armed forces this morning executed two convicted members of Al-Shabaab, sentenced to death by the Somali Military court.

The execution of Adan Mohamed Ali Mohamed and Mohamed Ali Mohamed Farah, members of Daesh took place at Police Academy in Mogadishu.

Adan Mohamed Ali Mohamud was captured by the Somali government forces in 2019.

Adan admitted joining Al-Shabaab in 2010, but later joined Daesh, committed murders in Bossaso City, the business center of the Puntland State.

The Executed admitted to killing Military officers, Somali government officials and businessmen, according to the court.

The Somali Military Court recently expedited executing militants convicted of terrorism.

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