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Somalia: Danab special forces carried out a planned operation in the Mubarak area

Mogadishu September 10, 2022 (SD) -Somalia National Army, Danab special forces carried out a planned operation in the Mubarak area, the main stronghold of Al-Shabaab in Lower Shabelle region.

Al-Shabaab reportedly used to collect taxes from residents in the area.

The government claimed that during the operation they killed the deputy Al-Shabaab leader in Mubarak, Lower Shabelle, a man named Arab.

Throughout the operation, 10 other members of Al-Shabaab were injured which included Osman Daoud the top leader of the extremist group in Mubarak, and Ow Maay Kaas Al-Shabaab fundraiser.

This operation focus at the financial centre of the terrorist group and the high-ranking leaders of the terrorist militias, said an army officer who spoke to the National media.

Other army officials also said that civilians that were held in Al-Shabaab financial centre have been freed in the course of the operation.

Couple of days ago a joint operation was carried out in Basra, Middle Shabelle region, where Al-Shabaab fighters were defeated and is now fully controlled by Somalia National Army and Community Forces. Basra Was the place where businessmen used to be summoned to pay  imposed tax payments.

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