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Somalia’s fifth port to open in a month

Gara’ad September 10, 2022 (SD) – Somalia’s fifth Port, Gara’ad will be officially operational next month, enabling a new trade route connecting regions of Ethiopia and Somalia, according to the head contractor, Said Fadhi, whose company will be building the port.

The project will cost 531 million dollar that will boost the export of livestock, fish, and agricultural products, a huge infostructure development investment plan.

The port will accommodate 40,000 tons of containers, parts of it have been fully completed while the other, making it the 2nd largest port in Somalia.

Gara’ad port, will be the fifth port on the Indian Ocean and closest to Ethiopia’s landlocked population with 115 million potential clients.

Bossaso, Puntland’s major port initially run by DP World has faced difficulties with developmental issues in recent years, making Gara’ad a possible alternative.

Somalia exported $1.5 billion in goods and services in 2021, a third of which was livestock, according to government data, a 30% increase from last year. 

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