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Somalia: Diarrhea outbreak kill1, including Children

BALEDWEYN (SD) -Reports coming from the Hiiraan region indicate that the city of Beledweyne, the capital of the region, is currently facing a Diarrhea outbreak.

At least 11 people, mostly children, have lost their lives within the past few hours in the city, as confirmed by health authorities.

Additionally, other children are currently being treated for the disease, with medical facilities actively engaged.

An outbreak was declared in the city following a significant increase in cases in Beledweyne, with neighborhoods affected by contaminated water.

The most affected areas are reported to be Buundaweyn, Kooshin, and Xaawo-taako, which have consistently faced challenges, including conflicts, recent floods, and the current outbreak of diarrhea.

However, there are ongoing efforts by the regional, and district health officials to alleviate the situation.

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