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Somalia: Election Procedures for the Upper House and Candidate Forms released

Mogadishu (SD) – The disputed Federal Electoral Commission has distributed to the Federal Member States the electoral procedures and forms required to be completed by the candidates for the Upper House seats.

The committee also requested that the State Governments to officially begin the registration and processing of applications for Upper House candidates.

The Committee also acknowledged the scope of the task ahead and the responsibilities assigned to the States, urging the State Government officials to play their part in the conduct of the elections and to work with the commissions and the people of Somalia to ensure the success of the elections, and to be transparent, free and fair.

The Federal Electoral Implementation Committee reiterated the need for the Heads of State and Parliament to play their part in ensuring that the elections are held on time.

The disputed Federal Electoral Commission announcement comes as the Federal Members States and the country’s opposition Candidates refuse to acknowledge the commission and the Governments Election Process, calling the flawed and partisans.

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