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Wadani party leader criticizes government over several issues

Mogadishu (SD) – In an interview with independent journalist Khalid Fodhadhi, the leader of the Wadani party spoke about a number of issues. criticizing the government of Muse Bihi.

Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan, the leader of the WADDANI Opposition Party, also spoke about the government’s performance over the past three years and other important issues.

Answering to reporter Khalid Fodhadhi’s question on Awdal region’s complaints about the distribution of equal parliamentary seats and what the national parties can do about it rather than ignoring it, Hirsi said. “ The parties have nothing to do with seat sharing, It is a matter for the government and the nation as a whole, it is not in the hands of the parties, it is not something to ask me.”

When the leader of Wadani was asked why didn’t they provide advice and ideas on how to find a solution to the dispute over the distribution of shares, we replied “No, we work with the law and a law has been passed, so there are no opinions when it comes to the law.”

The Wadani leader was asked if he was critical of the government’s performance during their three years in office, he replied “We are critical, why not? The expectations of the whole community and their political programs they announced did not match, we have not seen any tangible achievement [from the government], ”he said. He added that President Muse Bihi admitted to the Wadani’s criticism on education.”

When asked if he thinks the president’s trips, like Guinea Conakry, he said Other Somaliland presidents visited countries like Guinea, It is not a new thing to say that international relations have increased, and there is no new relationship. For example, a visit to a country is a just visit, but if friendship grows, and we exchange in economic or political or diplomatic, If there is any corporation, it can say that something has improved, Taiwan, for example, which has established relations with previous governments, has opened an office here (Somaliland), that’s something new, and that an office of unrecognized country.”

Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan, when asked what he thought of President Muse Bihi’s remarks on the ongoing political crisis between Somaliland politicians in Somalia, he said “I thought it was not an appropriate statement. For two reasons, it was not appropriate. firstly, governments do not interfere, and secondly, the people who left Somaliland and went there and we did not send them, If Muse did not send them. there is no reason for us to favor one of them, Abdi Hashi or anyone else who speaks, since we always say they do not represent us. ” He said

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