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Somalia Federal Government dismiss Garowe Consultative Meeting Press Release

Garowe (SD) – The Federal Ministers of Somalia who participated in the Puntland administration’s consultative meeting issued a statement in Garowe, taking aim at the press release of the conference.

After a meeting held in Garowe, the federal ministers issued a statement opposing the outcome of the recently concluded Puntland Government Consultative Conference.

The Ministers have issued four key points:

  1. The delegation condemns the press release as relates to the federal government of Somalia, saying that it did not reflect the discussions and statements at the conference.
  • The delegation said they were saddened by the words in the press release addressed to other states.
  • The delegation welcomed the Puntland President’s visit to Mogadishu
  • They commended the people of Puntland and the conference’s decisions regarding Puntland’s unity and development.

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