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Somalia: Federal minister visits Las Anod

Las Anod May20, 2023 (SD) – The Minister of Posts and Communications of Somalia’s Federal Government, Jaamac Hassan Khalif, has visited the of Las Anod, where for several months the forces of SSC (Sool, Sanaag, and Cayn) and those of Somaliland have been engaged in combat.

According to local media, the minister and other accompanying officials made a previously unannounced visit to the city of Las Anod, where they met with a committee consisting of 33 members representing the region at their headquarters.

Minister Jaamac reportedly visited the frontlines, where he held discussions with senior officers leading the SSC forces.

The Somaliland administration has repeatedly accused the ongoing conflict in the city of Las Anod on the Somali federal government, claiming that officials and military personnel from the Somali government have participated the conflict in Las Anod.

The Minister, representing the Somali federal government, has become the highest-ranking official from the Somali government to visit the city of Las Anod, which has witnessed intense clashes and bloodshed between SSC and Somaliland forces for several months.

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