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Somalia: Gunfire heard at Garoowe Voter registration launch

Garoowe Feb 06, 2023 (SD) – This morning, people in Garoowe were awakened by the sound of heavy gunfire being exchanged between Puntland forces.

Last night, units led by Gen. Jimcaale Takar entered the city and took control of several locations, opposing the political party elections that the President of Puntland plans to hold in his final year in office.

This morning, gunfire was exchanged at two polling stations where other troops were stationed.

Additional troops, led by Puntland police chief Muumin Cabdi Shire, arrived in Garoowe last night.

The gunfire has now subsided, but the extent of the damage is unknown.

The President of Puntland was in Boosaaso for the voter registration launch and is now in Boosaaso, but his stance on the crisis in the Puntland capital of Garoowe is unclear.

Many former politicians who previously worked with the President of Puntland, and who mostly come from the Nugaal region, strongly oppose the political party elections.

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