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The Somaliland government addresses the Lasanod situation

Hargeisa (SD) – Feb 07, 2023(SD) -The Council of Ministers of Somaliland held a meeting today in the Presidential Palace, chaired by President Muse Biixi Cabdi, with the Vice President Abdirahmaan Abdillahi Ismaaciil (Saylici) in attendance. The purpose of the meeting was to assess the situation in Laascaanood. After a lengthy discussion, the following decisions were made:

1- The council emphasizes to the Somaliland public and the international community that they are committed to maintaining peace. The government of Somaliland is ready to resolve the situation in Laascaanood through negotiations and reconciliation.

2- The council decided to provide immediate aid to those affected by the crisis and appealed to the international community to contribute to the aid effort.

3- The council informed the public and the international community that Somaliland is fighting against international terrorist groups who have been carrying out acts of violence in Laascaanood.

4- The council emphasized that the crisis in Laascaanood could affect the stability of the Greater Horn of Africa and the world, and cooperation is necessary.

5- The council called on community leaders, intellectuals, business owners, young people, and women in Laascaanood and anyone interested in maintaining peace and stability in the area to participate in efforts to bring peace back to the city.

6- The council commends the efforts of the Somaliland military in repelling a major attack earlier today.
Finally, the council decided to take strong action against anyone carrying weapons and causing instability in Laascaanood.

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