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Somalia: Heavy fighting between government forces broke out in Beledweyne

Beledweyne (SD) – Reports from Beledweyne town in Hiraan region confirm clashes between federal government forces in that town.

Witnesses said the confrontation began when an armed forces attacked a police control Hirshabelle tax collection post, located on the outskirts of the town.

Heavy gunfire was heard in the area, and there were casualties, although no exact figures were available.

Reports add that the attackers are part of the Somali military’s 21st Division, undergoing training at Harqaboobe Camp.

Hirshabelle’s police checkpoint used to collect taxes, has been taken over by the attacking military.

The motive of the attacking forces is unknown, though there are indications of financial implications for the attack and takeover.

The regional administration and the military command have not yet commented on the fighting that took place last night in Beledweyne.

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