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Somalia: Hirshabelle government’s term ends

Jowhar (SD) – The president of Hirshabelle state Mohamed Abdi Ware and his deputy Ali Abdullahi Hussein “Ali Gudlawe” have completed their term of office today, October 17, 2020.

The parliament of the Hirshabelle administration elected Ali Abdullahi Osoble as president on October 17, 2016, while Ali Abdullahi Hussein was elected vice president.

The term of office also ended for the speaker, his deputies and members of parliament in Hirshabelle.

There is a dispute over who is to run for the presidency of Hirshabelle state as one of the clans is arguing for the right to the presidency of Hirshabelle, while this idea was opposed by other communities, who want every citizen from Hirshabelle to run for President.

Efforts are underway in Hirshabelle to form a second parliament and then hold presidential and vice-presidential elections.

Other reports from Jowhar town, indicate that Somalia’s specially trained forces known as Harmcad were seen there, as the majority of Hirshabelle MPs and the Speaker of Parliament and the Vice President of Hirshabelle State have already arrived.

Somali traditional elders arrive in Jowhar, the capital of Hirshabelle state in the coming days and begin the selection of members of the 2nd parliament of Hirshabelle state.

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