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Somalia: HIV/AIDS infections on the rise

Mogadishu (SD) -Somalia is said to be experiencing an increase in the number of people affected by HIV/AIDS.

The disease has reportedly affected around 11,000 individuals in the past six months, demonstrating a worrisome trend within the country.

Somalia’s HIV/AIDS Response Committee is actively involved in raising awareness and tackling the issues related to the disease, engaging different sectors of society.

Ahmed Mohamed Jimcale, the head of the HIV/AIDS Response Committee in Somalia, stated in an interview with VOA that they are making efforts to address the challenges presented by the disease and to raise awareness in the community.

He also mentioned that there is a significant number of undiagnosed cases of HIV/AIDS, exceeding the known cases, which highlights the need for increased efforts to reach those who have not been tested or diagnosed.

Jimale concluded by calling upon the Federal Government of Somalia to provide financial and political support for these efforts.

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