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Somalia: International community discuss election issues with Sharif and Madobe

Muqdisho (SD) – Former Somali president and chairman of the Union of Candidates Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, held a private meeting with members of the international community last night.

The online meeting focused on the dispute over the country’s elections, which the international community is now seeking to resolve.

Sheikh Sharif representing the Union of Candidates in the meeting, spoke to members of the international community about the latest political developments in the country, conveying their political position and ways of holding fair and safe elections.

The meeting came as members of the international community also held an online meeting with Jubaland President Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Ahmed Madobe) discussing the country’s election dispute.

The International Community members who spoke with Ahmed Madobe reportedly stressed the importance of dialogue and cooperation for the stability of the country.

No information has been released on the international community’s meetings with Sheikh Sharif and Ahmed Madobe today, but it is seen as a step in the right direction on resolving the country’s electoral dispute.

The international community is now working to bring the parties together, in order to resolve the issues and restart the election process.

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