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Somalia: Kenyan Airstrikes kills civilians

El-Adde July 06, 2023 (SD) – The news coming from Gedo region, under the administration of Jubaland State, indicates that recent airstrikes by the Kenyan government have caused significant damage and casualties in the El-Adde area of Gedo.

Yesterday, airstrikes targeted the El-Adde village, resulting in reported casualties and injuries. According to local sources, the attacks claimed the lives of at least two individuals, including Sheikh Abdirahman Sheikh Abdullahi, who was the brother of the late Sheikh Adan Sheikh Abdullahi, as well as an unidentified civilian.

Kenya did not say why their forces attacked the civilians in El-Adde.

The local authorities and the governance of Gedo region have expressed their concerns regarding the repeated airstrikes conducted by the Kenyan forces, which have inflicted harm upon innocent civilians.

This incident is not the first of its kind, as Kenyan forces have previously carried out similar airstrikes in various locations within Gedo region, causing harm to the local population.

The Somali Federal Government has yet to address the deadly airstrike in El-Adde.

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