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Somalia: Kenyan military base in Hosingow shelled

Hosingow (SD) – Al-Shabaab reportedly carried out a mortar attack today on an AMISOM base in Hosingow, Lower Juba region.

The base attacked is occupied by Kenyan troops who are part of the AMISOM operations in Somalia, the troops responded with heavy artillery, locals told local news media.

The exact number of casualties is not clear, with residents saying they heard gunshots from both sides.

Al-Shabaab claimed that the attack caused casualties to the Kenyan troops stationed in Hosingow base.

It was just last week that al-Shabaab carried out a direct attack on Kenyan troops on the outskirts of Dhobley in the Lower Jubba region, where at least seven Kenyan soldiers were killed, according to Kenya media reports.

Most of Al-Shabab attacks on AMISOM military bases in the country are a hit and run operations.

AMISOM Command in Somalia did not confirm the claimed Al Shabab attack on their Base in Hosingow.

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