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Somalia: Massive explosion in Mogadishu targets a Police checkpoint

Mogadishu September 02, 2023 (SD) – News reports from Mogadishu confirm a major explosion that occurred today in the Capital city, resulted in significant damage.

The explosion originated from a vehicle laden with explosives from Afgooye district and took place near a location known as Warlaliska, which is part of the Dayniile district, as reported by credible news sources.

Reports indicate that security forces had suspicions beforehand, and as the explosion occurred, efforts were made to conduct an investigation.

The explosion also caused disturbances in the Dayniile district, leading to disruptions in the daily lives of residents and traffic.

A spokesperson for the Police Force, Sadiq Adan Doodishe, stated that two individuals linked to the exploded vehicle have been apprehended, and they are cooperating with the authorities. He did not mention any additional casualties resulting from today’s explosion in the Dayniile district.

It is expected that the two individuals apprehended will face legal proceedings related to today’s incident at the Warlaliska checkpoint in the Dayniile district.

Al-Shabaab has recently escalated attacks on the Federal Government’s security forces and the areas where they are stationed.”

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