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Somalia needs $230 million at mitigating the impact of El Niño

MOGADISHU (SD)-A conference organized by the Somali Disaster Management Agency unveiled a scientific report on the impact of the 2023 Deyr floods, which was jointly conducted by experts from the Somali government and international partners. The event, held today in Mogadishu, was attended by federal and regional officials, representatives from international organizations, and other dignitaries.

The report highlighted the extensive damages caused by the El Niño phenomenon, revealing that the floods affected around 2.5 million people, displaced 1.2 million, and resulted in the deaths of 188 individuals. It also emphasized that many of the affected communities had previously been impacted by disasters in 2022 and 2023.

According to the report, the Deyr floods also led to economic losses exceeding $176 million, affecting agriculture, livestock, water sources, infrastructure, healthcare, and community livelihoods. This necessitated urgent intervention to rebuild critical infrastructure and support communities affected by the devastation.

Following the assessment, the Somali government, in partnership with the United Nations, World Bank, and European Union, issued a press release outlining the need for $230 million in funding to facilitate efforts aimed at mitigating the impact of El Niño and addressing the long-term resilience-building needs of our country, which has been repeatedly affected by recurring disasters.

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