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Somalia: Opposition Parties accuse Farmajo of irresponsibility and dictatorship

Mogadishu (SD) – Somalia’s National Parties Forum has strongly criticized President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo for violating the country’s constitution and accused him of crippling the parliament.

A statement issued after the forum met in Mogadishu today said that President Farmajo had created political turmoil and protracted the political conflict in the country.

“The forum considers it irresponsible and dictatorial for the country to be without a government for 53 days, and the government is in the hands of the president to fulfill his personal interest.” the forum said in a statement.

The National Parties Forum has also proposed three points that it wants to be implemented.

  1. That intellectuals, traditional leaders, clerics, politicians, and all Somalis to stand up for the salvation of the Somali state.
  2. That an agreed upon and a timely election be held in the country in accordance with the country’s constitution.
  3. Involve all political stakeholders in the electoral process decision-making discussions.

The statement from the National Parties Forum comes at a time when talks are underway in Mogadishu between the country’s federal and regional leaders to resolve the country’s election process dispute

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