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Somalia orders most civil servants to work from home

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somali ministry for labour has urged all government ministries and state run agencies to allow their staff to work from home as the country is struggling to control the re-emergence of COVID-19.

According to the ministry for health, Somalia has been hit by a second wave of the Coronavirus with total confirmed cases stand at 5,373.

Minister for Health, Dr. Fawziya Abikar said cases have increased 53% in February compared to January this year.

For the last 24 hours, the country lost nine people to the infectious disease as the capital alone recorded 92 new cases.

In a statement, labour ministry directed all ministries and departments to allow their staff to work from home starting today.

“Starting from 16/02/2021, the ministry hereby inform the government agencies to reduce their non essential staff and allow them to work from home. Only directors who are essential for the operations to work from office in order avert the spread of Covid-19,” the statement reads in part.

Somali reported first case of the novel Coronavirus in March last year.

Following suspension of local and international flights and closure of learning institutions, the Horn of Africa nation managed to reduce the spread the pandemic but re-emerged this month.

In press conference last night, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble stated COVID-19 infection rate has gone up, urging members of the public to avoid large gatherings and follow health directives announced by the health ministry.

Among died of Covid-19 is a well known cleric, Sheikh Nur Barud Gurhan. The sheikh was at the forefront of the fight against al-Shabaab militant group.

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