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Somaliland: Faisal Ali Warabe accuses Muse Bihi of election interference

Hargeisa (SD) -Chairman of the opposition UCID party Faisal Ali Warabe, accused the Somaliland president of interfering in the election process and called for the release of UCID candidates arrested by the government.

Speaking at a party event, Faisal Ali Warabe said voter registration had gone well. but fears the consequences of the imprisonment of his party candidates.

“We had a successful voter-registration, well-organized, but two things came out as well, two of our candidates were arrested, they did absolutely nothing, another candidate was denied criminal record check by the prosecutor, both of these factors indicate that we may be in trouble. Said Chairman Faisal Ali Warabe.

The Chairman also accused Muse Bihi of interfering in the election process and called on the president to release the detained candidates.

“Presidents never interfered in elections, if people that are close to me go somewhere else, we didn’t interfere. Now there is an ugly intervention that is making our country look bad and the president looks bad. I say to the president, let these candidates go, stop telling people not to issue criminal records”. He added.

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