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Somalia: PM discussed dept relief with the Council of Ministers

Mogadishu September 24, 2022 (SD) – Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hamza Abdi Barre, chaired the conference of Somalia Economic Reforms today, speaking in depth of the debt relief process and the importance it Bears for the country to achieve self-sufficiency economic development.  

The PM said that Somalia can meet the requirements of this period and move on to the next requirements, in advance of the debt relief by focusing to completing all the laws, passing it to the parliament at the end of this year.  

Hamse Abdi Barre stated to all the ministries and other agencies concerned to cooperate closely on the ongoing successes, and efforts of the debt relief program, by strengthening accountability and transparency to the development plan of the government, which plays a major national role.  

The Prime Minister advised the ministers to fight corruption forcibly and urgently in order to achieve transparency. A higher level of transparency will open on the trust of the community and all stakeholders in Somalia, trusting our country, receiving international funding, creating more opportunities, jobs, opening a window of opportunity for the youth,  increasing domestic products of the country’s economic growth. 

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