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Somalia: PM meets with Puntland representatives in both houses

Mogadishu July 23, 2023 (SD) – Somalia’s Federal PM, Hamza Abdi Barre, today held a meeting with representatives from both Federal houses elected from the regional state of Puntland.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister provided the members of parliament with a briefing on the agreements reached by the National Reconciliation Committee and the efforts of the Federal Government to promote peace and stability in Puntland amidst ongoing discussions and negotiations.

The meeting also addressed the situation in Sool region and the escalating conflicts between the Somaliland forces and local militias, resulting in casualties and damages.

Prime Minister Hamsa urged the parliamentarians to work towards peace and stability in the country, with a focus on achieving progress and reconciliation.

The meeting was attended by the 1st Deputy Speaker of the Federal Parliament, Mrs. Sadia Yasin Haji, and the 2nd Deputy Speaker of the Upper House, Abdullahi Cali Hirsi (Timecode).

It is worth noting that this meeting takes place amid ongoing efforts to resolve the disputes between the Federal Government of Somalia and the regional government of Puntland, aiming to address the challenges between the central authorities and the administrations of the federal member states.

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