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Somaliland: Faratoon wins the coveted Speakership

Hargeisa July 23, 2023 (SD) – The Somaliland House of Representatives has today elected Yasin Haji Mahamoud Xiir (Faratoon) as their new Speaker.

In the parliamentary election, Faratoon secured 46 votes, defeating his main opponent, MP Mohamed Khadar Dahir, who received only 35 votes.

The new Speaker expressed his gratitude to the 82 members of the House of Representatives who participated in the election, and he pledged to work diligently for the progress of the House. He will succeed the former Speaker of the House, Abdirisaq Khalif, who left due to the fighting in Sool and joined with SSC.

Now, Faratoon, who hails from the Sool region, which has been experiencing conflict in recent times, mentioned that if elected, he would work towards bringing peace to the region.

Furthermore, Brigadier Mahad Cambaashe, one of the senior military officials in Somaliland, stationed in Las Anod, and other government officials from the Sool region, expressed their support for Faratoon’s candidacy, stating that he would prioritize the stability of Las Anod.

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