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Somalia Postpones Djibouti talks with Somaliland

Mogadishu (SD) – A July 11, 2020 scheduled meeting between the federal government of Somalia and the Somaliland government has been postponed, according to Djibouti government.

Reports from Djibouti indicate that the federal government of Somalia requested that the talks be delayed for a week.

The Djiboutian government has informed the Somaliland delegation of the postponement, they were set to fly to Djibouti on the same afternoon.

The federal government didn’t explain the reasons for their request for the postponement, but its clear that the Somali government is currently facing mounting political pressure from both the opposition and the regional administrations who are united that the country’s elections be held on time.

Its worth noting that Somaliland is yet to postpone or cancel a meeting with Somalia since the on again off again talks with Somalia started in London 2012.

The Somali and Somaliland governments have already signed a preliminary agreement in Djibouti, although it appears to be not much different from previous governments, but nothing have so far has been formally adopted by both country’s.

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