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Somalia: President visits Jowhar, holds meetings at airport

Jowhar July 18, 2023 (SD) – The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has arrived in the city of Jowhar, the capital of Hirshabelle Administration, where he was warmly welcomed by the officials of Hirshabelle and various segments of the society.

Hassan Sheikh and his delegation did not go into the city, and it is expected that a meeting will take place between President Hassan Sheikh and the President of Hirshabelle at the airport.

According to sources, President Hassan Sheikh visited Jowhar with the aim of resolving the political dispute within the Hirshabelle administration and finding a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflicts among the clans in Hirshabelle.

Additionally, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is also visiting Jowhar to closely monitor the progress of the military operations against the Al-Shabaab group, with the intention of officially launching the second phase of the stalled offensive.

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