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The Somali government: the country’s armed forces have captured heavy weapons and warplanes

Mogadishu July 17, 2023 (SD) – The Somali President’s National Security Advisor, Hussein Sheikh Ali, has stated that government forces have obtained valuable intelligence that will enable them to conduct successful operations against Al-Shabaab.

Hussein Sheikh Ali, the national security advisor to the President of Somalia, who spoke to VOA, said that the weapons include, Planes, 120 long-range mortars, and anti-aircraft weapons known as Zuug.

The President’s National Security Advisor stated that the Somali government has significantly weakened Al-Shabaab’s intelligence capabilities in the past year.

The government has succeeded in eliminating key individuals responsible for planning attacks or coordinating support for Somalia from foreign countries. Additionally, some of the resources Al-Shabaab relied on have been disrupted.

Regarding the ongoing conflict, the President’s National Security Advisor highlighted that the Somali government alone is participating in these operations, specifically mentioning the region of Galgaduud in central Somalia.

Hussein Sheikh Ali was asked about previous intelligence failures in apprehending Al-Shabaab. He stressed that the intelligence apparatus has made significant improvements to prevent any shortcomings in dealing with Al-Shabaab.

He further stated that the obtained intelligence has enabled the successful targeting of key Al-Shabaab figures, resulting in significant setbacks for the militant group.

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