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Somalia: PSF capture foreign nationals believed to be members of ISIS

BOSSASO (SD)-The security forces of the Puntland administration, known as PSF, captured two foreign nationals believed to be members of ISIS, who were said to have survived an airstrike on May 31st in the Almis Mountains of Bari region.

A statement from the PSF forces indicated that the two foreign nationals, originally from Tanzania, were apprehended in a remote area approximately 30 km from where the attack occurred.

The captured foreign nationals were identified as Cimraan Mohamed Calawi and Mabruuk Nasoor Saciiddi, both believed to be around 25 years old. They were detained with military intelligence provided by the security forces.

U.S. aircraft recently carried out airstrikes targeting ISIS militants in the Af-ad area of the Almis Mountains, resulting in the deaths of several ISIS members and foreigners.

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