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Somalia: Puntland boycotts election conference

Garowe (SD) – The Puntland regional government of Somalia has officially boycotted the federal election conference, scheduled to open in Mogadishu today.

Puntland State Minister of Interior Mohamed Abdirahman Dhabancad issued a brief statement last night, saying Puntland would not attend the conference.

“There is no conference that the Puntland government is aware of or is attending tomorrow in Mogadishu.” Said the minister.

Mr. Dhabancad pointed out that a non-consensual agenda had been drafted, which would lead to the failure of the conference.

“A conference that does not have agreed upon agenda could lead to the failure of the conference that is expected to take place in Mogadishu.” Said Dhabancad.

He also said the Puntland government hopes all Somali political stakeholders will agree to hold peaceful and mutually acceptable elections.

The Somali president convened the fourth conference since his term ended on February 08, 2021.

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