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Somalia: Puntland Government proceeding with direct voting despite opposition

GAROWE (SD) -Puntland’s Minister of Interior, Abdi Farah Said (Juha), spoke to reporters in the city of Garowe and discussed the ongoing political dispute in Puntland, which is affecting the regional elections.

Juha emphasized that they have successfully passed the first stage of the electoral process, which involves selecting the district council members. He also expressed confidence that the government has made significant efforts to ensure transparency and the participation of voters in the elections.

He also clarified that their decision was not to repeat the mistakes of the previous elections, which were marred by irregularities and allegations of fraud, and concluded that they needed to be different this time.

He also indicated that the current situation has led to significant delays in the electoral process, and the political factions are still at odds.

However, the political dispute persists, and there is still significant debate surrounding the decision of the regional government.

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