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Baidoa and Galkayo see extensive flooding

BAIDOA (SD) -Yesterday, the cities of Baidoa in the South West State and Galkayo in Puntland of Somalia experienced heavy rainfalls that resulted in extensive flooding affecting many parts of those cities.

Floodwaters entered residential neighborhoods in both cities causing significant damage, and many homes were inundated, with some areas experiencing severe flooding.

Some residents of Baidoa and Galkayo had to evacuate their homes due to the floodwaters, and their properties were seriously affected. The heavy rainfall also caused road closures in parts of both cities, with reports of significant flooding.

The flooding has also disrupted the flow of traffic between the cities of Baidoa, and Mogadishu, with a neighborhood called Jameo, near Burhakaba, being particularly affected by floodwaters.

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