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Somalia: Puntland ministers contract COVID-19

Garowe (SD) – Puntland’s Coronavirus prevention committee said in the past 24 hours they have documented eight new cases of Coronavirus in the regional state.

The committee, in their daily briefing said they have started testing suspected COVID-19 patients, so 23 people were tested in their Garowe labs.

Puntland’s Minister of Health, Jama Farah Hassan, said the new patients included two unnamed Puntland ministers.

The 8 new patients all of whom male, two are in Nugal and 4 are in Karkar and Mudug has 2 cases, as the data shows.

The COVID-19 positive ministers are said to be self quarantined on their own and they are reportedly in a stable condition.

The committee urged the Puntland public to practise all of the medical advice from doctors and health professionals.

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