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Burmadow: We will implement our Agreement with Garhajis

Dubai (SD) – King Osman Aw Mohamud (Burmadow), one of Somaliland’s traditional elders, said his clan is ready to implement their recent clan agreement with Garhajis.

King Burmadow of the Habarjelo Clan, also issued a warning to the government led by Muse Bihi Abdi, in a released statement.

“First of all, my condolences to all who died in the Fadhigab violence and to those who were injured may Allah grant them mercy, we declare to the people of Somaliland that we will fulfill all the points of the Burao Conference agreed with Garhajis, I am making this clear to everyone, I am doing this on behalf of the Biciide community and the entire Habarjelo clan.” Aid Burmadow.

The King addressed issues within the Habarjelo community, both in Somaliland and abroad.

“I have seen young people who are divisive on social media and we apologize for this, I am encouraging the Habarjelo communities in the diaspora to stay clear of promoting violence and to give us a hand with the peace, we also ask that other Somaliland clans to help us with attaining peace.” Said Burmadow.

King Burmadow sent a stern waring to Somaliland Government saying “We are warning the government not to making decisions that can hurt the sovereignty and integrity of Somaliland. We will always take the any path for the preservation of the national and reconciliation.”

King Burmadow was a staunch Kulmiye supporter in the past, he seemed to have a changed his view on President Bihi’s leadership.

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